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Nylon Multifilament Series

1. Nylon  multifilament yarn: Sepcification: 210D, 420D, 630D,.... 1680D.Nylon Multifilament Series

2. Nylon fishing twine: in hank, on spool (normal, funnel, shape & pagoda shape.)

3. Nylon fishing nets: all kinds of piece nets for gill net, purse nets, trawingnet: 110/2-210/750, size of mesh 5 - 200mm. saron selvage and polyester selvage & slipnot piece net are available.

4. Nylon casting Net: details as per the sample

5. Special net:
Nylon Multifilament Seriesfishing net: landing nets, fishing coop, fishing tackle, fishing breeding net and fishing net with poles,
travelling net: hammock, handbag.
sports net: football net, basketball net, volleyball net, tabletannis net, tadminton net.
storing & transportation: covering net, cargo net.
others: safety net, surrounding net (net fence) sectioned mesh bad for sunning, gardening net

6. Nylon rope:  03-50mm 220m/coil

Sample Card
(Nylon twisted twine)

Sample Card

Nylon Twine on Spool.

Nylon Twine on Spool.Specidication: 210D/2- 120 plies 4" 6" cylinder, funnel & pagoda spool
Weight: 50-500g/pc.
10' Cylinder spool, 0.gif (67 bytes)2-6mm weight:2-5kgs (including wicked twine and twisted twine)

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