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Nylon Monofilament Products

n1-1.gif (2403 bytes) Nylon Monofilament Complete Gill Net
n1-2.gif (2009 bytes) Nylon Monofilament Braided Twine
n1-3.gif (1455 bytes) Complete Casting Nets

1. All kinds of synthetic fiber products:
Nylon monofilament line, Nylon monotilament ply yarn, Nylon monofilaments twisted yarn, Nylon monofilament nets, Nylon multifilament yarn, Nylon twine, Nylon nets, Nylon rope, Polyethylene line, twine, nets & rope, Vinylon yarn, twine, nets & rope, Polyester yarn & sewing thread.

2. Fishing nets & accessories:Nylon Monofilament Products
Plastic float, Nylon headrope with buoy.Lead sinker, bottomrope with plummet.Other accessary for fishing net.

3. All kinds of nets suitable for agriculture, gardening, aquaculture, transportation, safety, sports, & traveling, etc.

4.Nylon monofilament line, specification: 0.1-2.0mm (in hank & on spool).

5.Nylon monofilament ply yarn specification: according to buyer's request.

6.Nylon monofilament multi-purposetwine,specification: 0.1-0.15mm (on spool of funnel shape.)

7. Nylon monofilament twisted twine. specification: 0.1-0.2mm line, number of ply: 4, 8 & up. (in hank)

8. Nylon monofilament fishing nets, specification: 0.01-1.0mm size of mesh: 5-75mm

9. Nylon monofilament anti-bird net.

10. Nylon monofilament complete nets bound with float headrope and sinker bottomrope.

11. Nylon monofilament trammel nets: any size of meshes with plastic float and/or lead plummet.

12. Nylon monofilament casting nets., specification; please refer to Nylon multifilament casting nets.

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